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Wed, Jan. 5th, 2005, 02:46 pm

tales of woe regarding men. of that i have many. men indeed are bastards (well, they're good for one thing mind u). anyway. my first tale invovles my recent ex.

it was a monday night, it would have been our 2 year anniversary on the wednesday. discussions about how we would celebrate were being had. he decided he would rather go out with his work mates as the anniversary wasn't that important, it was only i who thought it was. slight nagging from me ensued and he decided to to tell me that he doesn't love me that much anymore. that perhaps he never really loved me like i love him. he apparantly never got butterflies in his tummy etc etc when thinking of me. he did at the beginning but that faded fast. but he tells me he did have these feelings with previous girlfriends. nice, eh! so i asked is there really any point then. expecting him to say "yes, we will work at it". but, er, he said "no". and that was that. 2 years down the fucking plug hole. no proper explanation, no lets work on, no lets talk it through, no lets start again, go out on a date and rekindle things. the fucker.

he came over to pick some stuff up and was in and out the door in 3 and a half minutes (yes, i timed it). no contact since, no happy xmas, no happy new year. and men wonder why we think they are bastards!!

Wed, Jan. 5th, 2005 11:02 pm (UTC)

i know, i dont get how people like your ex think they should get sympathy when they do things like that.

At least it lets you know something... you're better off without him!

Wed, Jan. 5th, 2005 11:08 pm (UTC)

"At least it lets you know something... you're better off without him!"

amen to that! hmm, maybe it should be awomen.

Thu, Feb. 10th, 2005 05:36 am (UTC)
(Anonymous): absolute asshole

Ex boyfriend did the following

1.) call me up at university, CRYING and asking me to come home for the weekend. I travelled an hour to see him and waited at his house. He decided to go to the pub with the boys when he knew full well I was at home waiting for him. Just as I was about to leave, he called me up, drunk off his face and asked me to come get him. I did. I'm so dumb

2.) cheated on me all the time. i didn't know this.
3.) We had an argument one night (probably because I didn't trust him). I said I was going home to bed and we'd talk later. I got a call at 2:30am from a friend saying that he was currently walking down the street holding some girl's hand.
I drove down there and confronted him. He gave me a steely look and hopped in the cab with her. Crawled back the next day. I took him back.

4.) Asked me to go to his relative's wedding with him. He left the reception, leaving me on my own and went and watched the footy upstairs.

I had severe emotional issues and thought that this was ok, I guess.
Only now 4 years down the track have I realised that he is an utter DICKHEAD and I was just as stupid for putting up with it. He has a new girlfriend now. May the force be with her.

Fri, Mar. 18th, 2005 07:57 pm (UTC)
(Anonymous): bit of an overstatement

you cant just say that all men are bastereds just from your one negative encounter. i seriously doubt that you have even met all the men in the world, so saying that men are bastereds is a bit wrong. saying that THAT man was a bastered is correct, because he was (quite badly) but the generalisation was uncalled for.

Tue, Mar. 22nd, 2005 03:25 pm (UTC)

Do not worry. I once told a girl i loved her and she rejected me. So I made up stories about her and made her cry one night. I tell her that I hate her. Also that she smells and no one likes her.

Sat, Jan. 21st, 2006 05:17 pm (UTC)

he a comittment phobic pulls you close then pushes u away again, i had one of those too on/off wouldn't discuss feelings - leave him to it, he won't change