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Mon, Jan. 8th, 2007, 10:35 pm

This is my first post and it is about the person who broke me. I am so incredibly stupid! I can't believe I fell for it, but he was so believable. He's older than me.
It all started out where I used to work while I was in college < about 3 months ago>. He used to come in all the time and he was always so nice and friendly.
As it turns out, he was friends with a friend of mine, so we would see each other at her house occasionally.
Now before I continue, let me tell you, this guy is absolutley gorgeous....6ft3, black hair and big dark blue eyes, lean bulid, etc...pretty much your modern day cowboy...owns horses and everything.
I am a very shy person, I don't like big groups and I am used to guys pretty much ignoring me.They always went after my friends and such, i was just the person they talked to to get closer to my friends. I was THAT girl, you know? I had also just broken up from my boyfriend of 2years 6 months before I met this guy.

To make a long story short, the guy pursued me in a way I have never had before. He would come visit me at work, drop by my house unexpectedly to surprise me....and he was always so romantic and sweet. He made me feel so special.He made it seem like it hurt him just to leave me for a moment. We would see each other all the time.
Sometimes though, he would just disappear for a week and I wouldn't hear from him at all.And then he would return and pretty much sweep me off my feet all over again, so I pretty much forgot about it.

I wouldn't have sex with him for a long time, because I am really not that easy, but after about 6 months, I finally did. Then he disappeared and never came back again.

When I mentioned him to our mutual friend, she just looked at me really strangely and said he and HIS WIFE had moved about 75 km away to a bigger ranch!
He had never worn a wedding ring ( I suppose he took it off), never mentioned it in any way. I have never met the woman and no one ever mentioned that he was married. I suppose they thought I knew and didn;t care, which is completely not true! If I had known he was with someone else, I wouldn't go anywhere near him. I wouldn't like that done to me, so I refuse to do it to other people.(Cheating is why I left my boyfriend 6 months before)

It hurt a lot. He lead me to believe that I was important, but now that I think back, I was just being stupid about the whole thing.

Mon, Oct. 6th, 2008 04:57 am (UTC)
hotphantom: my god...

is that it? u hate the entire male population because of 1 jerk? listen, i know that this asshole gave u the impression of all guys think with their dicks, but let me tell u something: not every dude is like him

whether he b hideous or beautiful, naughty or nice, or whatever opposites u can find. look 4 the trait that portrays a man the most, not every man

alright, even thought im a guy and right now ur in no mood 2 listen, i just want u 2 know that there r guys who at least have a considerate heart that r looking 4 women 2 treasure well, but is increasingly difficult due 2 those immature idiots.

please, reconsider ur thoughts b4 u declare every guy is a jerk...